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Bear Country USA

Featuring the world’s largest privately owned black bear collection, Bear Country USA gives visitors the opportunity to drive through 200 acres of Black Hills territory and witness buffalo, grizzly bears and many more North American animals.

Distance from Campground: 39.0 miles

1880 Town

Is a vintage 1880 Train just not the all-encompassing blast from the past you’d hoped for? Visit the 1880 Town outside of Murdo, SD and explore more than 30 buildings furnished with relics from the 1880’s themselves.

Distance from Campground: 50.2 miles

Adam's House Museum

Offering a look into Deadwood’s past, Adams House is a Victorian style home that belonged to two of Deadwood’s founding families. Visitors are able to tour the house and accompanying museum for a more in depth history of Deadwood South Dakota.

Distance from Campground: 12.7 miles

Badlands National Park

A geological wonder known worldwide; the badlands are east of Rapid City and feature breathtaking views of a wind and water eroded landscape.

Distance from Campground: 88.4 miles

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Black Hills Caverns

Located slightly Southeast of Rapid City; Black Hills Caverns offers a variety of cave tour options and learning experiences related to the caverns, their history, geology and chemistry, and even gemstone mining for the kids!

Distance from Campground: 35.4 miles

1880 Train

The 1880 Train allows you and your family to experience the scenic Black Hills like they did in the olden days. This vintage train ride is a great experience for kids and parents alike.

Distance from Campground: 50.2 miles

Big Thunder Gold Mine

Big Thunder is an authentic 1880’s gold mine that offers tours, a museum, and the largest collection of mining equipment to be found in the Black Hills area.

Distance from Campground: 50.6 miles

Crazy Horse Memorial

Open every day of the year, Crazy Horse Memorial is meant to serve as a reminder to honor the rich heritage of the North American Indians. This is the world’s largest mountain sculpture and offers a unique experience every time you visit since it’s continually being drilled and mountain blasted.

Distance from Campground: 66.8 miles

Cosmos Mystery Area

One of the most unique experiences offered in the Black Hills. Cosmos Mystery Area is filled with mind bending mysteries such as water flowing uphill, people changing heights on a level platform, and other strange phenomena.

Distance from Campground: 47.3 miles

Devil's Tower National Monument

A geological improbability, Devils Tower is a rock formation that reaches thousands of feet into the air in an otherwise desolate prairie surrounding the Black Hills.

Distance from Campground: 80.3 miles

Evan's Plunge

Open year round, this indoor park is fed by natural spring water of 87 degrees. It also features an outdoor pool, hot tub, steam room and weight room. Evans Plunge is family fun in any season!

Distance from Campground: 88.7 miles

Jewel Cave National Monument

This is the third longest cave known in the world. Jewel Cave National Monument offers guided tours to peak your curiosities through a maze of passages featuring brilliant colors.

Distance from Campground: 83.9 miles

Journey Museum

The Journey Museum tells the story of our Western Great Plains in full detail from the standpoint of the Lakota and pioneers of the area.

Distance from Campground: 30.0 miles

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The famous memorial dedicated to honoring our country’s rich history and development, Mount Rushmore is a must see wonder in the Black Hills.

Distance from Campground: 67.7 miles

Mammoth Site

The Mammoth Site is the world’s largest mammoth researching facility with a working paleontological site and museum. The site offers educational programs for junior and advanced paleontologist excavating and even an Indian hunting technique experience of “Atlatl Throwing”.

Distance from Campground: 88.3 miles

Reptile Gardens

Reptile Gardens is a family attraction that features the world’s largest reptile collection on display, exotic birds, minerals and fossils, exciting shows, and an indoor jungle!

Distance from Campground: 36.8 miles

Pioneer Auto Show

A bit farther than our other attractions, Pioneer Auto Show is worth the drive for auto lovers the world around. You’ll see everything from motorcycles, tractors, scooters, and more as you re-visit 20th century America and the evolution of these vehicles since that time.

Distance from Campground: 163 miles

President’s Alpine Slide at Rushmore Tramway

This family adventure features views of Mt. Rushmore while you enjoy a scenic chairlift, beautiful Black Hills nature pathways, and even a mountaintop garden and Café.

Distance from Campground: 50.7 miles